Who doesn’t love Robin Williams?  


Robin McLaurin Williams’ written by Dave Itzkoff entitled “Robin” paved a way for us to see a glimpse of his life, his real life. Without a script, a camera, and fame.

He was born on July 21, 1951. He is a loved actor and comedian who has developed the improvisational skills that he used in his performances in his films like the Goodwill Hunting and Dead Poets Society making him as one of the most successful and funniest comedians of all time.

He has done a lot of remarkable television programs before becoming famous worldwide like The Richard Pryor Show, Laugh-In and Eight is enough. Williams’ debut in the big screen was when he played as Popeye in 1980 a movie co-starring Shelley Duvall directed by Robert Altman.

There were a lot of projects that were offered and became successful for Robert Williams. He then discovered his craft quite better and used it for more of his films.

While working on his sitcom, Mork, and Mondy that was debuted in 1978, he started developing his personal challenges, he eventually got into alcohol and drugs and became his problems while his careers are being on its peak. He and his first wife, Valerie Velardie got divorced in 1988 after Robin Williams got involved with romantic relationships with other women.

Even after these events in his life, he still pursues to do his craft and later on, he cast at Penny Marshall with Robert De Niro and Julie Kavner, and having Parry as his role in the drama, The Fisher King as his third nomination at Oscars.

He won his Academy award for best-supporting actor for his project Good will hunting in 1997.

He then explored more of his talents rather than being a comedian and took the role as a creepy photographer at the movie One Hour Photo and has gained a lot of appraisal by this. He also played at the famous movie, The night at the museum as Teddy Roosevelt with Ben Stiller.

He had his comeback movie with Mandy Moore in 2007 after admitting that he put himself into rehabilitation due to his drinking addiction.

With his passion for acting, he gave his all-out energy for his performances and got complications in his breathing, making him undergo surgical operations.

Later that while he was recovering he once again seen in the big screen playing Teddy Roosevelt at Night at the Museum: Battle of Smithsonian with John Travolta.

Although he was a man of comedy and made everyone laugh he then struggled a lot of sadness inside of him. His third wife, Susan Schneider says that he had suffer from depression and anxiety and was been diagnosed by Parkinson’s disease which he hid from the public. He also complained upon with some of the complications with his body.

He was found dead in his room last August 11, 201,4 after being locked up until noon.

Itzkoff’s biography of him shed Williams’ fan an insight and ideas of his death that no one noticed coming. From his well-written work, we loved Robin Williams more than ever.


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