Upcoming Spider-Man video game could be bigger than the movies



With all the Marvel cinematic universe in full swing in 2018, any Marvel-related news is bound to get attention. Whether it’s a new Avengers movie, Iron Man movie or a Spider-Man video game release, it’s destined to get fans excited.

Tom Holland’s turn as the web-head has been great with his character’s banter with Iron Man one of the best parts of the recent Avengers movies and Spider-Man: Homecoming. The movies are getting tough competition from a PS4-exclusive video game titled Marvel’s Spider-Man.

This PS4 exclusive title has already gotten rave reviews from critics and reviews are mostly averaging over 9/10. That’s on par with most of the Avengers movies that have come out of late. Chances are that when the game is finally out, it may send shockwaves in the entertainment industry.

This one exclusive video game could be bigger than the movies we’ve been seeing for the past few years. Most Spider-Man movies have had video game tie-ins since the first Sam Raimi movie came out in 2002.

It was Spider-Man 2’s video game tie-in that was a success on the PS2. Later games were mixed affairs which included movie tie-ins but it’s the first time we’re seeing so much hype on a Spider-Man game that has exceeded that of perhaps even Spider-Man: Homecoming when it released last year.

Spider-Man on the PS4 releases September 7 and is widely expected to be a huge hit amongst comic book hero fans and gamers.


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