Truth Or Dare Movie: Trailer Review


The game of truth and dare has existed since time immemorial, but just as a quite fun game to be engaged into by acquaintances or a group of friends, however, this has taken another different turn in a horror thriller movie produced by Blum houses Productions, the movie starts with safe game of truth and dare between friends but later turns chaotic when something starts to hunt down and punish those who would tell a lie and those who refused to dare.

As the movie progresses, rules and option progress, used, such as the options of truth or dare between the participants can only be chosen twice before the game swiftly sets the next selected player to do the uncalculated, it then proceeds in sequence from group to group of youngster and juveniles,.

The game’s truth bar is raised higher when it’s time to set one player against the one another, forcing the players to abide by utter morality and honesty practices among.

Dares is severely risky vetting which subsequently follows into an acute physical injury and or death, should a player decline any of the choices, his or her fate is an instant horrible death.

Olivia Barron, her best companion Markie Cameron, Markie’s boyfriend Lucas Moreno, together with Penelope Amari and her boyfriend Tyson Curran, and Brad goes on a tripper to Rosarito, Mexico.

Where Olivia meets Ronnie former schoolmates who bother and bully her until a man mediates.

The man presented himself as Carter and inevitably persuades her and her comrade to connect him for a drink at the Ruins of a Mission. There, Carter starts a deviation of truth or dare with Olivia and her companion, Carter uncovers that he hoodwinked Olivia to the mission to offer them in his put within the extraordinary amusement of Truth or dare. As Carter clears out, he clarifies to Olivia that the diversion will take after them and they must not deny it.

Later Ronnie dies when he fails to finish a dare. Olivia convinced that Carter was recounting the truth, gathers and attempts to persuade her friends that the plan is real.

The game, playing in accordance with the sequence the team played in Mexico, turns to Markie, having already appeared to Olivia and Lucas, and she is forced to break Olivia’s hand. At the infirmary, Brad is then forced into revealing to his father, Policeman Han Chang, his homosexuality.

The next day, Tyson lies when forced for the truth and dies. A drunken Penelope is next forced to drink a bottleful of vodka whilst walking on rooftop edge. She eventually falls but is rescued her friends.

The team then meets with a woman named Giselle, who is also a participant in a separate embodiment of the game, she reveals that she and her friends played the game and her friend Sam, who was the only other subsister of her embodiment of the game, was responsible for the game becoming reality, having wrecked the mission. Penelope startles in front of Olivia and is dead. Failing to kill Olivia, Giselle shoots herself in the head.

Olivia, Markie, and Lucas discover Sam and force him at gunpoint returned to the ruins of the church in Mexico. There, Sam starts the ritual and is about to chop his tongue while it turns into Lucas’ flip to play the game. Lucas is dared to kill either Olivia or Markie, but declines. Possessed by using the demon controlling the sport, Lucas is compelled to kill Sam, before the latter can entire the ritual to quit the sport. He then proceeds to slit his throat and die.

Olivia coerces the demon to show if there has been an elaborate way to give up the sport with Markie and herself alive. But she’s showed that by Sam being is dead, there is no way – however, they’d be able to attract more people into the game and somehow manages to prolong their lives.

Olivia unexpectedly records and uploads a video to YouTube, cautioning people about the sport and its rules, before the viewer of the video to truth or Dare, starting them up.


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