Three Identical Strangers Trailer


A documentary film directed by Tim Wardle presented a unique concept based on true story of triplets who learned of one another’s existence at age of 19. Which were separated since birth thus the story turns into a darker conspiracy?


Sundance-winning documentary film after the trailer fully loaded with suspense has been released turns everyone into excitement, and people are now curious to know about the plot how these triplets had been adopted into different families. The documentary film becomes a fascinating of nature with the nurture debate as three kids with same DNA had different upbringings, how did this happen and who did it. Thus, the trailer does not reveal the much, but it shows that film has fully packed with suspense and turn with twists which will leave you gob-smacked by the time when story rolls.

In the trailer they have shown that these triplets of name bobby Shafran, Eddy gland, and David Kellman were reunited at age of 19 at the same community college found they three were long lost brothers of each other. These triplets become friends with each other and become the overnight media sensation. Then they started to give their guest appearance on tv shows. In this move, they have shown the impressive work of investigation of journalism and a strong role of journalism, which they figured out how they were placed and why they were separated and given to different families who raised them.

As they their story gains media hype and becomes a hot topic in media, and their mystery was fascinating all the people. But inside this these young men were finding themselves catapulting into the spotlight, and answering all the questions about their similarities as they were grinning under the microscope of a zillion daytime talk shows.

Initially, their relationship was a quirky air sitcom, but when trio moved to New York City apartment together and open a successful upscale restaurant.

Then afterward they face some harsher ramification day to day life and once the attention fades, due to business clashes and will share the history of depression. Which takes them into darker territory. In here the story turns in to a new twist and viewers will be watching such mysterious turns until the end of the movie.

Here I want to apologize because I can’t tell you more about in details as the trailers show some of the stories and they have done a nice job of teasing a story and not revealed a whole story also turns and twist which is the best part of this film. If you want to make a suspense I would advise you not to read movie reviews as might possible they will reveal the story and break the suspense.

I would appreciate the director Tim Wardle; I think he has done a solid job laying out this story. This story has equal measures of remarkable and repulsiveness, a window into the peculiar bonding of triplets that holds appeal for the same reasons. Also inspired the medical research in the first place.

In last I will do a recap of the trailer that this story is simply amazing to have jaw-dropping moments and incidents presented in this movie. As a kind of fairy-tale reunion sets into a motion where a series of events that will unearth and the film has an unimaginable secret, which is radical repercussion for all of us.

This film has PG-13 for mature thematic material, the running time of this movie is 96 minutes and will be releasing in theaters on June 29, 2018. I must say the movie is worth watching if you are looking for suspense, thriller, drama, mystery and do not break suspense by reading plot reviews and story, yes you can watch the trailer it’s really amazing.


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