There should be a Drax the Destroyer according to WWE icon Batista



WWE icon Dave Bautista aka Batista has joined The Rock Dwayne Johnson in the quest for Hollywood domination. Although Batista, known as The Animal among fans, hasn’t been as successful as Dwayne Johnson in Hollywood, he’s still made an impact.

Batista’s starring role as Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies has been praised by fans and movie buffs alike. Batista reportedly wants a stand-alone Drax the Destroyer movie and fans would totally love it.

Batista reportedly feels that the origin story of Drax needs to be told and it’s beautiful. Most heroes in comic books become heroes because of a personal tragedy and Drax’s story is quite similar too. He loses his family as well and that has given him a reason to be a force for good. He does quite a fine job in the role and an origin story can give us the backstory that we all need to see.

What motivates Drax? What drives him? How close was he to his family and how did he lose them? We do know that his wife and daughter were murder victims of Ronan the Accuser but how did it all happen? This is the movie that will definitely add value to the ever-growing Marvel cinematic universe.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies have been great entertainment blending action, humor and tragedy quite well. Batista’s transition to a movie star could be complete if he stars in the Drax movie.

In fact, he doesn’t mind if the movie happens without him in the starring role but fans would perhaps want nothing more than the former wrestling superstar to play the role.


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