The Real Slim Shady strikes back haters on Kamikaze



Marshal Mathers, Slim Shady, Real Slim Shady or whatever you like to call him, Eminem is an icon. The man is simply a superstar. He’s been in the hip-hop and rap scene for over two decades now and hasn’t skipped a single beat.

The rapper recently released a brand new album and fans are ecstatic. Titled Kamikaze, its Eminem is back at his best.

Fans have always enjoyed his stabs to fellow rappers and rivals in his songs and this album is no different. He has struck back on haters with a rap-fueled vengeance only he can do.

Kamikaze has 13 brilliant tracks including “Venom” from the movie soundtrack of the same name. The album has collaborations with Joyner Lucas and Jessie Reyez among others.

The album cover doesn’t feature Eminem’s name and is reportedly a tribute to the classic 80s hit album from the Beastie Boys: License to Ill.

Eminem’s last album was Revival released last year and he’s on form in Kamikaze. He’s slapped verbal stabs against critics of Revival in his latest effort.


The rapper has continued to delight fans for years and his in-your-face lyrics has appealed to fans of all kind of genres. He’s crossed over to fans of rock and gangsta rap along with modern hip hop. It’s old school rap mixed with the new to appeal to his oldest fans and new followers.

Some of Eminem’s best albums include The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show and one of his early efforts The Slim Shady LP.

He also starred in the movie 8 Mile and performed on the soundtrack. The song “Lose Yourself” became very popular as well as his take on Aerosmith’s Dream On titled “Sing for the Moment.” Eminem is still strong and delivering hits and fans have every reason to be excited and purchase the new record.


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