The Latest Biography Of Robin Williams Written BY DAVE ITZKOFF


All the fans who have seen the movies of Robbin Williams and see him as a great actor and a superb entertainer wanted to know how he spent his life? , and what were the circumstances that forced him to commit suicide? Though the viewers have always seen him laughing and laughed with him, in real life his life was altogether different from what it seemed on screen.

The writer Dave Itzkoff has successfully shed some light on the off-screen and on-screen life of the actor who made everyone laugh but was actually was a very disturbed person which made his life chaotic.

There are many secrets of the actor’s life that the author could only reveal with the help of the people who were near him.

His family and friends contributed a lot of memories with the author so that he could produce a closer to life biography. The book is a true reflection of his later days and the life he leads before death.

The writer in his book has stated that during the shooting of ‘Night at the Museum’: Secret of the Tomb Robin could not remember his lines. He further discloses that Robin had a very difficult to understand or a complicated type of personality. He sometimes seems to be quite contradictory.

He had a lot of personal issues to deal with.

Robin at times was much outgoing but the other minute he behaved like an introvert person. He had to fight many battles against, drug addiction, alcoholism, loneliness and a lot of other insecurities that were a part of his personalities.

According to the book, his third wife Susan Schneider revealed that the favorite actor of millions of fans had started reporting many health issues that include the problem in urinating, loss of sense of smell, loss of sleep and trembling of the left hand.

The author in his book has stated that the actor Billy Crystal met Williams after four months gap and found him weak and extraordinarily quiet.

According to the book, the reasons behind his sudden death are still a secret as the actor did not leave a suicide note.


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