Teen Mom 2 Moms on Fire: Briana DeJesus says Kailyn Lowry Is the Reason she Quit!





Somehow these Teen Mom 2 divas have taken their drama a bit off stage, and the beef between them seems to last forever— like that of professional wrestlers.

These grumbles have been going on for some time now, and MTV is loving the fact that they won’t stop coming at each other with all sorts  of “arsenal” while fans are trying to find out who’s “real” and who’s  being an “asshole!”

Take for example the rumor that Briana DeJesus literally quit Teen Mom 2— as most people believe. Does she has a reasonable explanation for her actions or is she just messing up with fans?

Here’s what we’ve discovered so far.

A reunion that never was


The show that was meant to be a super reunion was taped in New York City, and as many expected, it was all messed up. In fact, Briana even expressed her disappointment in TM2 in a comment.

Bri brands Kail an enemy


Briana and Kail have clashed and almost gotten physical on two different occasions, thanks to their security guards none has gotten the better of the other in terms of blows both times.



Why is Bri so bitter?


In an attempt to explain why she has been so explosive, Briana allegedly told her co-actor Kail that she didn’t like the fact Lowry went after her kids, which is, in fact, a breach the rules of engagement. Kail denied these allegations, but Briana insisted she did.

Briana, on the other hand, said that she went ahead with the complaint because Lowry talks about her kids. Again Kail denied these claims. Still holding on to her point, Briana told Kail that “It may be true, but you talk about Jenelle’s kids which isn’t right either.”


So what? Says Kail

Tired of the arguments, Kail did not deny Bri’s accusations of involving Jenelle’s children in their dispute. RatherLowry clearly stated that she was no longer willing to debate on the topic.  “That has got nothing to do with you Bri,” Lowry supposedly said, “Get up now coz I’m going to beat your ass.”

Empty threats


According to Briana, Kail was never serious about getting physical from the start.  Talking to The Ashley, a gossip magazine, Briana said that Kail was bluffing because she had the chance to cross hit her during the meeting but went around it only to start the rumble in front of the guards.


Lol! Who knows? Maybe next time they meet hell will break loose!


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