Red Sparrow is an Entertainer 

Red Sparrow is an Entertainer 

Red Sparrow keeps you entertained and nothing more. This best thing about this movie is it the perfect time of release. Today united states have serious concerns about Russian intentions, and release of Red Sparrow surely reminds us of the movies about cold war. It’s a very modern spy movie.

Jennifer Lawrence plays the character of Dominika Egorova. She is a dancer who faces one tragic incidence which leads to losing her dancing ability in Bolshoi Ballet.

Now she is worried about her income source. She is taking care of her ill mother and her state-run ballet income source stops due to the accident on stage.

She has an Uncle who is played by Matthias Schoenaerts, who is involved in Russia’s intelligence community.

He sends her to the school which teaches how to seduce and manipulate the target so as to get important information for the state. This school is known as Sparrow School.

After completing her study she gets the assignment of seducing CIA agent named Nate Nash who is played by Joel Egerton. She wants to take information about his informant inside the government of Russia.

But Nash easily gets an idea about Dominika’s real identity, but he thinks that she is useful for CIA.

Their relationship grows with aim. This story then goes as normal intelligence thriller films. Russian want her to get information form USA and USA want her to work in their favor. All she needs is take care of her sick mother.

This movie shows numbers of hidden agendas and unexpected twists and turns that you get confused with what is to believe for real. As these agendas as good for spy movie but it makes the romance less impactful.

Both of them are a spy but the character gets involves so quickly in each other that makes it unconvincing. In the film you keeps waiting for something should happen but it wastes our patients.

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Jennifer is no doubt a show stealer. Her presentation of character is flawless.

She seems so real with the vulnerable mind and tough personality. Still, the character depth is missing on the script level.

It hard to convince audience the exact reason and driving force behind her being sparrow and no other normal person. It’s about her story but the character graph is missing and it leads character without any convincing power. Director and writer fail to present who she really is and why she is like this.

Maybe, the sequence of her learning years in sparrow school have the ability to develop her character more deeply. But writer spent very less time in her education in school.

So it means less time for character establishment killed the essence of the film. Charlotte Rampling and the matron of school who teaches the art of seduction to Jennifer and other students are given so less screen time. Rampling was the only one who performed well and enjoyed her character

Red Sparrow is two and half hours long. It feels too much without proper depth to the characters. Pacing is proved to be well managed. The main issue with the film is its intuitive violence scene.

They are so long and at one point we just start hoping that it will stop for good. This movie has rape scenes, torture scenes.

They are filmed in a way that you get disturbed. It is not for ill hearted movie watchers.  Red Sparrow at one point becomes so predictable and one point become hopelessly unpredictable that we just could not get connected with the storyline.

It is unsatisfying experience in a way. Although it has been adapted from the book by the same name written by Jason Matthews it fails to deliver the idea of sparrow school that is presented in the book.

To conclude this we can say that Red Sparrow is not at all smart as it looks like. But it has the ability to hold the audience’s curiosity at one level.  It keeps you engaged in every sequence and scenes.

You like it or not but you will not get bored. Red Sparrow keeps you entertained and Jennifer’s confidence and attitude make it watchable. Overall it’s an ok experience. If you are a hardcore fan of spy films this is for you.



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