Rampage Trailer Review: The Rock’s charisma fuels a fun monster movie


Rampage. This is a monster movie released in 2018. Its genre is based on science fiction with a number of crew casts. This film can be categorically based on the video game series. The director of the film is Brad Peyton. He worked perfectly well together with the other important film crews and the producer as well to produce and release this interesting science fiction film.

The Trailer

Rampage being a monster movie, a star must chirp in to stop them. Davis Okoye, in the cover page of the DVD case with a giant monster gorilla, had a hard task to stop the monsters from causing more destruction to the cities and towns. The monsters, changed by an infection and mutation for project Rampage, are all over the town and are doing more than destroy the buildings within. Okoye has to stop them. Can he really do it? Let us wait and see. Surely, we will enjoy the ride as we look forward to seeing the star, Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye stop the monsters from demolishing the buildings.

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It is seen that monsters have mutated and are doing a lot of destruction plus cause loss of lives of the beloved brothers and sisters. Who can the savior of the nation be? Dwayne Johnson of course. He is committed and dedicated to stopping the giant monsters even if it means spending the last drops of his blood in stopping up to the last generation of the monsters. Technically, he, Davis is not all alone in this mission. He opts to form a strong team with a lot of competencies to work in one accord of doing away with all the mysterious monsters in town.

In the released trailer, all the favorite scenes are well captured and we can all be able to imagine after watching just the trailer, how interesting the film is. In the trailer, Dwayne Johnson, appearing as Davis Okoye in the video film Rampage, is seen to use various war equipment and tactics to stop up to the gigantic monsters that seem to be very much scary, dangerous and stronger than humankind. But who is Dwayne Johnson to stop or give up?

He works tirelessly and fights mercilessly getting help from his former team in order to ensure no destructive monster survives.


Even when some of these mysterious creatures at sometimes are seen to overpower his team, he never gives up. Working with George, the mutated gorilla, he is able to get ways and means to clear all of the threatening monsters. The trailer captures all the best-acted scenes where Davis kills or scares the monsters away.

Initially, the monsters seem unstoppable and the citizens and people of the nations are more than worried about this thinking that no solution can be realised for the problem at hand. This is when Dwayne Johnson, as Davis Okoye chirps in to get the monsters stopped.


Okoye is a Primatologist, he is seen to keep a distance with people the here comes his partner.

An amazingly intelligent gorilla with extraordinary wisdom. George, the intelligent gorilla was transformed from just a mere ape into a huge monster gorilla by a rogue genetic experiment carried out majorly for project Rampage.

Davis Okoye (Johnson) and George, the gorilla form an unshakable bond and both have a similar objective. The worse news is that other transformed beasts that were victims of the rogue experiment are dangerous and are destroying the whole of North America.

Okoye and George team up with assistance from other crew members to ensure the monsters are stopped.


The trailer was released a few weeks before the main or rather the releasing of the whole Rampage film was done. The trailer just went viral distributed perfectly by the Warner Bros Pictures and the whole public who got to have a view of the trailer just liked it and looked forward to seeing the whole video film.

The filming was perfectly done by the New Line Cinema Company. They did a perfect photography and videography for the purposes of perfect and quality production and release of the film.

This, in a nutshell, is the trailer for the film Rampage. The whole film is now available for sale in the video shops in town. Better still it has been uploaded to various websites and pages for purposes of online viewing.






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