Love, Simon Review

Love, Simon Review

This movie is a doubtful step on the way to equality. This is the proof that regular romantic dramas are no prolonged limited to straight people. But they shouldn’t be restricted to straight people. So for this thing, Love, Simon gets a minimum credit.

This movie is based on the teen romance which is a specific subsection of the romantic comedy genre. This genre particularly geared toward a youthful audience.

Like many rom-coms as they often fall into the almost same plot, that normally requires them to live or die built on how much you like the characters themselves. Love, Simon is exactly that kind of movie. The characters in the film are funny enough to spend 90 minutes with. There is another thing that makes this movie from the rest of the genre, which makes it special.

This is the story of Simon (Nick Robinson) who is a high school child in his senior year.

His family is very loving and caring and also he has got good friends. All the things are going well for him, but with the one exception that he is gay. Nobody has any idea about it. He has fear and he thinks that what to do about this.

He thinks when the message on the website such as PostSecret, which is probably used by only this high school students get know about it that there is another cloistered gay kid anyplace at school.

So Simon decides to secretly message another student. This is because for some purpose, secret online posts comprise publicly posting an email id and in this way, the two starts an online correspondence.

Gradually this becomes something more that although neither one recognizes the identity of the other.

Sadly, when Simon’s emails got to theater Geek Miles (Logan Miller), Simon is blackmailed in introducing Miles with Simon’s friend, Abby (Alexandra Shipp).

The incidents of Love, Simon are not really unexpected. In fact, the movie focuses on the one thing it does distinctively, creating a romantic search at the center of the story gay rather than straight.

But it can’t be denied that this is the slightly different and new thing then done before.

The lead Nick Robinson is very charming. For Love, Simon to hit, you have to invest him and that is not difficult. He backed by a similarly likable cast that comprises Katherine Langford and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. who is around Simon’s inner circle of friends with Alexandra Shipp. The grown-ups don’t manage quite as well.

The principal of the school (Tony Hale) is the teen comedy chief. He is the teacher who tries very hard to relate the kids. Parents of Simon (Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel) are slightly good, but still, they act like cool parent tropes than characters, before.

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If you have seen such kind of movies, you can quickly figure out the plot. Simon’s attempts to retain his top-secret head to bad decisions, which then head to more bad decisions to wrap the earlier bad decisions.

Then finally all things collapse. This is not the new plot for the audience. Apart from the Whitney Houston dance number. That is the new thing in the movie.

As mentioned, when the film shifts into its unavoidable third act, it takes a new turn that we clearly don’t get from the usual teenage romance. Love, Simon tackles itself well when it gets crucial.

Simon’s parents change from being cool parents to coming through more like real people. Everyone reacts in ways that feel real and truly moving.

Rom-com trope happens when one character has to lie to other so as to stop some potential bad result from happening.

What generally follows is that the network of lies becomes sadder than the thing they are trying to avoid. But in Love, Simon, that is not the thing. This is very near to ‘’end of the world’’ while things can get for some teenagers.

It does not explain his earlier actions, but it makes them comprehensible.

The movie ends in the same way as these kinds of films end. Love, Simon follows the same formula which we have already seen many times before, but that is a separate point. So if you think this is your type of movie, then you should watch this.


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