Is Kylie Jenner Expecting a Child again?!




Last time the internet went wild at the discovery of Kylie’s pregnancy. And while still nursing her four months old daughter, you won’t believe she is expecting another kid— I didn’t either!

Kylie is only 20 years old, and it should be remembered she was only 19 when she was expecting her first child.

Even disturbing is the fact that she had only been dating the guy behind the pregnancy for two months, yet her years of relationship with Tyga never bore such “fruits”— until they called it quits for good around March 2017.

Travis Scott came in the picture in last April, and because Kylie gave birth in Feb, we all agree she may have hurried this next pregnancy—if she is.

Conceiving at 19 with someone you’ve dated for a month is an act many would condemn, but the fact that it is happening to Keylie has left everyone tongue-tied.

Scandalous baby

Another buzz that’s spreading like a bushfire in social media about Kylie’s first daughter—which is not true— is that the baby belongs to Tyga or Jenner’s bodyguard.

Little Stormi was born back in Feb and her mom Jenner has been living her life as usual. She has been keeping her cosmetics company on toes and her kid hasn’t slowed down her regular traveling.

And what does this mean?

Maybe she has nannies to help her take care of the kid or is she employing enough nannies that things aren’t that different. Or, are sisters offering more than enough help?

No one knows! But it is clear to us that Kylie has it all planned than any regular mother in her 20s. She’s so cool that she isn’t taking precautions not to conceive again.

False alarm!

Clearly, she is not worried about having more babies. According to a source, the opposite is true; “Kylie is looking to have a lot of kids, but didn’t see it come so soon after Stormi. The next pregnancy seemed like a miracle to Keylie before she quickly noticed it was a false alarm.

The source disclosed that Kylie “was relieved a baby wasn’t coming again so soon.” But Travis Scott was “heartbroken” he was not going to have his second baby soon.




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