Incredibles 2 Review: Release Date, Trailer And Cast


What is the release date for The Incredibles 2?

15 June 2018.

Who wrote the script?

Brad Bird, writer and director of the original film – so you know it’s going to be quality.


The new film unites the voice talent of the original, and adds some new recruits. As such, Holly Hunter, Craig T Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L Jackson and John Ratzenberger are amongst the line-up. Their son Dash will be voiced by Huck Milner this time (the original voice actor is too old to play the role). And of course, Samuel L. Jackson will be back as the fan favorite Fro zone.They’ll be joined by Pixar new voices Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener, though exactly what roles they’re playing are being kept under wraps for now. Hopefully this is going to be revealed soon.

Have we had a trailer yet?

So far we’ve had two full trailers, and two shorter teasers.

The Plot:

It’s been 14 years sinceIncredibles opened in the theaters and since then many fans of the par family have been dying for the sequel. At last our prayers have been answered and the 90 second trailer for Incredible 2 has been dropped 4 months before the movie release. Thereis a lot to discuss so let’s just dive into it.

It’s safe to say that Incredibles 2 is highly anticipated animated movies sequels of all time.This new film picks up right after the first, and we see the Parr family trying to grapple with meshing their quiet domestic life with superhuman abilities.First up, since their old house was destroyed at the end of The Incredibles, the Parr family has a whole new house that is part home and part superhero lair.

The dinner table scene closely resembles with dinner table scene from original Incredibles.The family is yet again stuck in a world that doesn’t accept super heroes regardless of them saving city from syndrome. But there is glimmer of hope for heroes as Lucius Bestapproaches the supers with a note,a seedy business tycoon (Winston Deavor) wants to talk about hero stuff. If you know anything about fro zone or Mr. incredible from the first film you would know how muchthey love to be superhero.

But there is a bit of twist in the new plot.Elastigirl is given the task of restoring superhero favor among the masses.The trailer focuses on Helen parr (Elastigirl) flourishing super hero career, appointed by Winston deavor who spring back into action.While she goes off to fight crime, Bob parr / Mr. Incredible gets to be the stay-at-home dad,helping with math homework and trying to contain Jack-Jack, who has begun exhibiting a range of dangerous powers, speeding through three of his powers: turning into a fireball, emitting electric shocks, and using laser-vision, which slices Bob’s hair right down the middle.We will also see how Bob parr got to learn in this sequel how it’s not just important to be a hero in public; you can be a hero at home too.

We’re also given our first glimpse at Screen slaver, the film’s mysterious villain.

Missing Point:

Director of the movie, brad bird has not officially declared villain of the movie.Though we do get to see fournew characters in the trailer,Winston Deavor ,Evelyn Deavor,Void and Ambassador. But ambiguity regarding villain is still very much part of movie mystery. Is Winston Deavor the new villain or he is just playing the red herring?

However, Brad Bird has been quoted as saying that the film will feature a “fresh super villain”.


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