Gringo fails to fulfill our expectation

Gringo fails to fulfill our expectation

Due to crowded characters in Gringo, it fails to connect with the audience. It delivers overstuffed black comedy. All though there is the option of big Disney opening of a wrinkle in time, people choose Gringo.

It R-rated black comedy. When we go through the fascinating cast list of Gringo it already hooks our mind. Its cast surely increases our expectation to a higher level. Unfortunately, in spite of the best performances by all the actors, Gringo becomes a confusing mess.

It’s hard to deliver good comedy film. Although comedy looks easy it is the hardest genre to work on. Gringo absolutely proves. There are so many factors that made this movie less impactful.

Movie’s large cast and wrong selection of tone played a big part in weighing down of the movie.

When you look at its screenplay which is written by Antony Tambakis and Matthew Stone, you surely get some great comedy moments. It also shows the witty side of writers. Their social awareness takes part in script’s good expression.

Gringo is a movie about drug violence so apart prom comedy it which also focuses on the horrible violence in this field. So the presence of scenes of drug violence and gunfights or amputation will surely disturb the audience.

So if you are the movie lover of this comedy centered violence this may be your best choice to watch.

The story of Gringo revolves around the company employees of Cannabix technologies Inc. It is basically Marijuana pills making the company. According to laws and regulations, it is hard for them to work on drugs in some states of the country, they decide to work on the recreation of marijuana drug pills across the Mexican border. This company is operated by flunky Harold (David Oyelowo the Selma fame).

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Harold is a person who is always mistreated by his two boss (Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton) and wife (Thandie Newton). Richard played by Joel Edgerton is the head of the company who superficially behaves as Harold’s best friend. But he ends up with being the bad guy for him which is so cliché and unsurprising.

At one point Harold knows about the truth of Richard and then he plans to convince him about his kidnapping in Mexico for some ransom. This incident and Richard’s pissed of the situation about cartels put him in a super crazy ride of misadventure and survival for life in a foreign land.

Gringo is the best gig of actor and stuntman Nash Edgerton.

Gringo surely tries to portray each character with great importance. Each character of film results in a narrative explanation of how they affected the effort of survival. Only negative point of the movie is Nash Edgerton designed so many characters and tries to give justice to each characters resulting in bloated comedy. In spite of some funny situations like poor man’s car crash scene, Gringo fails to make us laugh out loud.

Maybe, if it has a small cast with the big focus on the character of Harold would have made an impact on another level.

Oyelowo has a strong sense of how to deliver emotions of Harold. His performance indeed helps to hide the film’s weaker moment. He successfully carried this movie and we just not get enough of him in such a small screen time.

Charlize Theron performed magnificently as co-president Elaine Markinson. Theron bravely showed the evil side as well as the vulnerability of Elaine. But other character fails to show that charm.  Amanda Seyfried and Thandie Newton go very less screen time. It is surely wastage of their abilities as an actor. The story about Seyfried and her boyfriend is absolutely unnecessary.

The character of Harold’s cheating wife played by Thandie gets unresolved fate at the end of the movie. This is so surprising.

Other cast includes Sharlto Copley (Chappie, Maleficent), Paris Jackson.

Fans of Farris Bueller will be happy to see the character Alan Ruck which stands out in the movie because of him. Melonie Diaz of Charmed reboot also played the role of unsatisfied receptionist.

A big number of character in the film made it down. It also shows some pacing issues. The first act of Gringo is slow which occasional laughter. Overall Gringo will be a bit messy experience to watch in the theater.



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