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Blade runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is a science fiction film released on 3 October 2017.Denis Villeneuve has directed the movie and Hampton Fancher and Michael Green are the writers of this movie. Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel to 1982 released movie “Blade Runner”. The cast of blade runner 2049 includes Ryan Gosling, Harris Ford as the lead roles and Sylvia Hokes Ana de Aromas, Mackenzie Davis, Carla Jury, Robin Wright, Lonnie James, Jared Let, Dave Bautista, and in supporting roles.

The movie had high hopes attached to it because of its prequel being a massive hit at its time. With a box office business of 242 million USD and IMDB rating of 8.4/10, the movie is still criticized for its storyline particularly it’s ending.

The movie Blade runner left with it an unresolved mystery that was that is Rick Deckard a human or just a replicate? The 1982 movie ends with a scene of Deckard running away with his replicate paramour Rachel after watching his LAPD partner Gaff leaving behind an origami unicorn. This was no ordinary unicorn, that little paper, most probably representing a unicorn that Deckard had dreamt about earlier, might be a symbol of Deckard not being a human. Or it could also mean nothing. The mystery was kept unresolved in the 1982 Blade Runner.

It was being expected from the 2017 Blade Runner 2049 to solve this mystery which is very logical, however to the viewers disappointment the 2017 movie still did not reveal the mystery and only hints are given about the truth of Deckard being a human or replicant.to a further surprise to the viewers the 2017 movie not only does not reveal the truth of Deckard also it does not even feature him. Rather a new blade runner K (played by Ryan Gosling) whose identity is never unclear has been introduced in Blade Runner 2049 and the mystery of movie now revolves around him.

The very first scenes of K show him hunting down the last replicates of the era when the lifespan of robot’s model could not be known and was most likely to rebel against their creators that are humans.

However later in the movie, it is revealed that one of the K’s preys comes to know that K is not a human at all, instead, he is a replicate who has been designed to kill its own kind and finish it.

K soon discovers that a female replicate gave birth to a child of hybrid origin- which definably is not possible. Anyways knowing that a female replicate died in childbirth and the father being AWOL it is now possible to connect Blade runner 2049 to Blade Runner.

If you have seen the 1982 Blade runner you might have figured out that the dead replicate is Sean Young’s daughter Rachel and the father is Deckard. Before being revealed that his childhood memories that caused him to believe himself to be a human were only implanted and he was always a replicate, K believed himself to be the child of the dead replicate. However, with a heavy heart, K accepts himself as a replicate.

Meanwhile, Deckard has been captured by replicate working for a company that makes humanoid robots in 2049. Also, the latest version of Rachel is introduced but the mystery of Deckard’s identity remains unresolved. The movie is yet to answer the questions about Rick’s history if he is a human or replicates. Rick’s history can resolve all the mysteries. It is only in the last hour of the movie that Deckard gets some of his answers that the views have been waiting for 35 years.

Blade Runner 2049 is a success in every viable way. The highly intense performances of Ryan Gosling and Ford have brought a charm to the movie. The question that whether replicates can reproduce or not a somewhat quite clear in the 2017 movie but the mystery that was unresolved in 1982 movie is still found to be uncertain.



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