Death Wish Movie Review

Death Wish Movie Review

The movie revolves around Dr. Paul Kersey played by Bruce Willis who is a surgeon. He turns out to be the badass against the crime and violence when his wife played by Elisabeth Shue and teenage daughter played by Camila Morrone are brutally attacked in their own house in his absence. He is a surgeon by profession and cuts people to cure them just like he starts slaying criminals to treat the Chicago delinquencies.He attracts the media when he starts killing those assassins one by one hunting them as a revenge for his family. The city gets to know about it and they are speculating if Paul is a just a heedful killer or their beatific saviour.

This movie has an interesting plot with a touch of drama. It is a high rated action movie and lots of gore scenes whichwill be icing on the cake if you love action. The movie will entertain you with its twist and turns. The way Paul searches for each criminal and knocks them off will leave you shocking as well as excited. When you see those assassins suffer you will feel every bit of it. The unique ideas will make you love the film that how a doctor who saves people can use his skills to actually murder some.

There is an emotional background to the story which will make you connect to his frame of mind and you will find everything he does fair. You will connect to his father and husband side that how does it feel to lose your family.

Paul becomes a person who is living two lives where once he is a good doctor and other he buys a gun puts on a hoodie, he is that savage. He leaves no clue behind he is alert and a complete hero. Bruce willis was perfect for the role and the way his anger along with sadness is conveyed, the way he wants to protect his family and the good man inside him who wants the city to be free from violence portrays him in a positive character. The negative part is very important for the role which is played brilliantly by Bruce.

The action,mystery, drama will be bang for the buck. Though the movie will remind you of the movie series – taken in a lot of ways be it search of daughter or slaughtering men. If you enjoyed that you definitely are going to love this.

Death Wish is a remake of the classic 1974 action movie starring Charles Bronson. The new version is directed by Eli Roth. It is written by Joe Carnahan and will be in theatres from 2nd march 2018. It’s a movie worth watching and I recommend to all the action lovers that it’s a must watch but even if you don’t like gore you will love the smartness of the doctor and will be impressed by it.


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