Death Wish at bad time

Death Wish at bad time

Deathwish is a thrilleDeathwishhing much to look forward. Its bad release timing is making its success worst. Nowadays we are watching lots of remakes of the old nostalgic concepts which entertained people in past.

Sometimes it happens that people grab anything from the past entertainment to make it successful today. Death wish of Eli Roth is also following this new game rule. Bruce Willis is the protagonist of the movie.

Death wish is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Brian Garfield. To be precise, it is second time adaptation of this book into a film.

The first film with the same name was released in 1974. If you are regular movie goes and not movie buffs you may not be even remembering the first adaptation of death wish.

So we can say that Ruth selected something old but not familiar to make a movie. He did it so lightly that it seems like a worst ever made version of novel death wish.

It’s a movie about Kersey family who lives in Chicago suburb. Paul is the character played by Bruce Willis. He is living a happy life of surgeon with his wife Lucy. Lucy is played by Elisabeth Shue.

They have a high school going daughter Jordan played by Camila Morrone. Paul also has a brother Frank played by Vincent D’Onofrio. He is also very much part of his family.

But he sometimes needs to take money from Paul. All family is happy until robbers targets this family randomly.

Robbers robe the home in presence of Lucy and Jordan. After struggling with robbers with mask Lucy gets killed and Jorden slips into a coma. This makes them both out of major film scenes.

The movie also has some very stereotypical dialogues written by Joe Carnahan, Eli Roth, and Dean Georgaris. Incident takes place so quickly from the robbery to Paul looking for stolen gun into the streets of Chicago.

His attack for justice is one of the most thrilling scenes of this movie. It is a fight between him and armed robbers.

This incident is recorded on someone’s iPhone and goes viral. Here writer and directors are trying to modernizing the old story before use of technology and phone cameras. This worked out well. We also experience some special Eli Roth style horror moments which are enjoyable. Apart from heavy action scenes, the movie misses the magic of presentation. It is irregular.

Eli being expert of horror scenes you will witness some best shocking violence scenes. They are enough to prove the smashing style of hostel franchise director. It will surely entertain horror fans. Eli knows exactly what is needed to make an effective sequence.

But, Death Wish releases untimely in lots of ways. This will affects its performance at box office. Recently, everyone is disturbed by the massacre incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

People are talking more about the gun violence facts and gun control laws. It is a very sensitive matter which needs to notice by the government. Here, the story of Death Wish indirectly about that gun violence. So it will surely impact the audience. Use and mention of AR-15 in the film unconsciously connect us with this incident and it feels disturbing.

Although Eli Roth’s intention was totally different but recent incident is changing its meaning. It is hard to say how many of moviegoers are even interested in watching this ruthless gun violence.

So it is hard to tell about its performance even if it has Bruce Willis but situations are not good for this type of movie.

Along with Willis, it is thrilling to watch John McClane as a bad guy. His single tear in an emotional scene will make you think about your choice of watching this movie.

We can witness his level of un-comfort opposite Elisabeth Shue. It is fun to see breaking bad actor Dean Norris playing detective Rains.

Death wish is really facing the problem of audience response due to climate around gun violence. But the film has very good pacing. It is a one hour forty-seven minute movie.

If you are a fan of this type of subject you will enjoy it. Give it a try.




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