Dangerous Industrial Strength pesticides being marketed to amateurs online, chemical companies warn



Amateur gardeners without proper training, are risking our environment and health too. Dangerous pesticides and weed killers are being sold online to amateur gardeners. Though the law is in place, no one is following the same.

There is no law restricting their sale to unqualified buyers, however, professionals are legally required to undergo training in the safe use of these chemicals.

Pesticide companies are worried about this loophole.

Chemical companies and environmental campaigners have expressed concern that members of the public are putting their health at risk in the mistaken belief they are simply using “super strength” products.

The sale of these products online is described by the association as an “area of significant concern.

Products containing dangerous levels of chemicals such as glyphosate are “frequently listed or advertised with amateurs clearly as the target audience”, according to the briefing.

Other aspects suggests that dangerous products are being targeted towards the general public. Without proper training, amateur gardeners could misapply these [professional] products, posing a risk to their own health and the environment,” said Nick Mole of Pesticide Action Network UK.

Unearthed has found professional strength glyphosate products are widely available on eBay, hence they are working with eBay and other internet companies to close any loopholes and ensure that professional products are only sold to suitably qualified professionals.”

An eBay person confirms that ‘We work closely with the regulators like the HSE [Health and Safety Executive] to ensure that all listings comply with the law and we constantly monitor our marketplace to enforce this’.

Westminster City Council will follow up the new listings with eBay and this fact has called for an investigation to safeguard people’s health and to protect the environment.


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