Barack and Michelle Obama write touching letter read at Aretha Frankin’s Funeral




Barack and Michelle Obama were, unfortunately, unable to attend Aretha Franklin’s service in person, but that does not mean they did not pay their respects.

The former President and First Lady sent a very touching tribute letter that was read out loud by Rev. Al Sharpton.

Aretha’s work reflected the best of our American story. From a very young age, Aretha rocked the world of anybody who’s had the pleasure of hearing her voice.

Aretha always brought people together through a breathtaking intersection of genres or advancing important causes through the power of a song.

Ithas to be mentioned that the Obamas and Franklin share a very deep connection as she was the one to perform My Country ’Tis of Thee at Barack’s presidential inauguration back in 2009. While he was still in Office, the late songstress was invited to the White House multiple times.

Both Obama and Michelle’s letter stated ‘In the example she set, both as an artist and a citizen, Aretha embodied those most revered virtues of forgiveness and reconciliation, while the music she made captured some of our deepest human desires: namely affection and respect’.

Aretha was one of a kind person. Through her voice, she lifted those of millions, empowering and inspiring all the vulnerable, the downtrodden, and everybody who may have just needed a little love.

We will pray a little prayer as a tribute. And we will be thinking of all of Aretha’s loved ones in the days and weeks to come.


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