Angelina Jolie says ‘she is fine’ regarding her Weight




The concern about Angelina Jolie’s weight is on the rise. A new report stated the star knows her body very well and that she’s healthy.

Rumors have been going around that Angelina Jolie’s weight has dropped to a shocking 76 pounds, which if true, would be very dangerous. However, Angelina Jolie is doing her best to ignore all the negative comments coming in about ever-thinning frame.

Industry insider tells HollywoodLife that Angelina tries not to pay attention to what people say about her. She always teaches her kids that what other people think about them is none of their business and she doesher best to keep that mindset herself.  However, when people are attacking her over her weight it hurts and it is very hard not to take it personally.

They also say that when people are making Jolie’s weight an issue making assumptions, they have no idea about how her health is.

She swears she feels fine and that there’s no reason to worry about her. She keeps up with her six kids and as far as she’s concerned that’s proof that her health and weight are just fine.

Angelina is spending more time with her kids. As everyone knows the primary custody of hers and Brad Pitt’s six kids has been given to her after the divorce, despite being the fact that the man has received more visitation rights.

Jolie is still the main caretaker. Being there and present for her kids is all that really matters to her so she mostly just ignores this kind of talk. But she does wish people could practice more kindness and be less judgmental,’ the insider added for the outlet.


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