Alec Baldwin exits Joker Movie; Thomas Wayne to be recast



It was recently reported that Alec Baldwin was to play Thomas Wayne in the Joker movie. However, it seems that the Mission Impossible: Fallout star has walked out of Gotham. Baldwin has reportedly stated he won’t be doing Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie and that there would be “25 other guys” who could play Thomas Wayne.

Wayne has never been portrayed in a fully developed role in the previous Batman movies and only seen in flashbacks.

Baldwin seemed like a strong choice for Thomas Wayne but who would fill his boots now? Possibly Michael Keaton could do it justice. Keaton was Batman in 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns. Now, he could play Batman’s father. Todd Philips is directing the Joker movie which would see Joaquin Phoenix play the Clown Prince of Crime.


There will now be several contenders to Thomas Wayne’s role. His character would be fleshed out on screen for the first time and would require experienced stars to play the role. Robert De Niro already has a role in the movie.

Perhaps Al Pacino could star across him in the movie which would be fascinating to see. Both stars were electrifying in Michael Mann’s Heat in 1995. Robert Redford is retiring otherwise he would also be excellent in the role.

Harrison Ford is an equally ideal actor for the role. Liam Neeson played Ras Al Ghul in Batman Begins and he could even work as Thomas Wayne. All these actors would be suitable but will they be approached for the role? That’s anyone’s guess for now but we can’t wait to see who replaces Baldwin in this iconic role.


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